MMAD Hydroponics.

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Open Since June 24, 2013

MMAD Hydroponics is a privately owned hydroponics retail outlet


MMAD Hydroponics is a privately owned indoor & outdoor garden supplies provider that is located in Belliveau Cove, Digby Co., Nova Scotia Canada.

As experienced growers ourselves, we understand the demands and struggles of maintaining a healthy & efficient garden that produces superior product qualities and significantly higher yields. We currently use and are familiar with the nutrients, equipment & products we sell and are happy to answer any pre-sale or set-up questions you may have.

Should you be struggling with your current setup or not sure about issues that may or are present with a new endeavor, or even if you're just struggling with a nutrient deficiency or pest-control issues, please stop in for a visit or just call us and one of our staff would be happy to assist you in any way that we can.

Rurally located, we also feel that we can offer very competitive pricing as we are run on privately owned property free from high commercial costs, therefore high costs of rental / sq footage fees are saved and passed on to you.

Our goal is to provide our customers with premium quality professional indoor and outdoor hydroponic equipment, components and supplies and to ensure years of reliability and dependable service.

We stock equipment supplies for ALL seasons.

Please feel free to drop in and compare our pricing, "please note: if you are comparing prices ensure you are comparing apples with apples and bananas with bananas! Feel free to just stop in to get answers to some of your questions or just to say hello, we feel we can compete with the best found throughout our province, and definitely stand out in our region!

YES, we do stock Environmentally SAFE and 100% organic nutrients"

You can visit our store location in Belliveau, Digby Co. N.S., or feel free to browse our online information for our high quality Hydroponic Grow Equipment, Nutrients & stocked Mediums & Supplies. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

PS: If you are in an emergency situation "even during closed hrs." feel free to phone us anytime, we just might be close to the phone and answer that call.

vaporizers   Closed Loop Extractors

Puretain N Butane

MMAD HYDROPONICS - Customer Service Hours:

"NOTE: Hours have been updated."


10 AM - 6 PM


10 AM - 6 PM


10 AM - 6 PM


10 AM - 6 PM


10 AM - 6 PM


10 AM - 4 PM



Emergency: For Emergency Situations call "(902)-778-1922".

Store Location:

3213 BElliveau Cove.
Digby Co, Nova Scotia, Canada

Email: coming soon

How to find our location on the map.

Phone: 778-1922