THC & CBD ANALYSIS - MMAD Hydroponics THC & CBD Analysis now being offered on-site at store location. Nova Scotia, Digby, Yarmouth, Annapolis Valley Canada.


We are now offering Cannabis testing on- site “store location” While you wait!

  • What is needed as far as a cannabis sample:
    You will need to bring with you, 3 or 4 small buds to be sampled, only around a couple of grams of cannabis “that will be returned to you after analysis is completed.”

  • Testing tips and guidelines:
    As far as Picking Cannabis flowers “buds” for testing purposes, keep in mind that should you only bring in 1 bud to get analysed, a complete picture of your whole crop will not be obtained. The reason for this is that cannabis commonly encounters issues due to it being a non-homogenetic plant, for more accurate potency results more than one bud should be tested as there must be some sort of adhesion throughout the total of cannabis flowers.
    In order to mitigate these issues, multiple buds should be tested in order to get a relatively accurate analysis of the plant or plants!

  • How we look at field-testing for THC & CBD:
    We look at how government regulators and laboratories address the issues surrounding the non-homogeneity of the Cannabis plant. Though more elaborate “expensive” chromatography methods are used in labs / high end testing stations, for us this is not feasible for basic home “personal” testing purposes, their approach to sampling sheds light for us on how to mitigate “to some extent” non-homogeneity found in the field.

  • Current testing tactics & method we use:
    We estimate an averaged potency with random crop sampling.
    Some legally controlled jurisdictions require random flower selections totaling certain percentages of the overall batch weight. For our field testing procedures, we only need a couple grams of flower in order to generate / analyse percentages within the sample's provided by you!

  • What we do in the field: Flowers are selected from the top, middle and bottom of the batch of plants to be tested in order to ensure a good representative measurement of the whole batch, this tactic will result in a more accurate reading of the samples taken.

  • Some experts believe: Poor sample selection practices and improperly selected crop samples can cause mislabelled potencies varying up to 75% from actual percentages, should they be taken strategically from the crop / plants that are to be analysed. For health-conscious consumers who rely on cannabis either as a medicine or even for recreational purposes, such irregularities are clearly unacceptable!

    "Bad or sketchy sampling practices are widespread throughout the cannabis community"
  • Mitigating bad sampling practices: In order for us to provide you with the best analytic result that we have to offer, more than 1 bud should be provided for us to run the tests for you, here are what your options are for generating good all around Cannabis analytic results to which we can offer you!

  • Your options, and examples of samples and test results are as follows;

    On our test analysis printout “See image below” you will find these 3 options,

    1) Single test option: 1 single bud is provided by you in order for us to analyse your cannabis, by simply providing 1 bud to be analysed, this is the least accurate result that you will receive. This type of analysis will generate the weakest outcome for crop sampling.

    - By simply bringing in one bud to be analized, the person looking for a printout of his or her crop might simply just have access to 1 bud to get analized, or simply have 1 bud at had at the time when seeking the test!

    - Or one might simply be providing 1 bud for sampling in order to try to receive the best analytic result by selectively picking the best looking bud in the room, but please note; simply anylizing 1 bud is a very poor representation of the total percentages throughout his or her grow room, all you will get in return is a simple analysis of that particular bud you brought in to be tested!

    "by experience, we have seen 1 selectively picked bud from a room that tested out at 27%, THC, and 3 other buds picked from the same room only top out at 20% to 22% respectively'"

    *ALSO: By rolling your bud in keif in order to get a GREAT looking analysis, you will only be fooling yourself!

    By simply bringing in one bud to get analysed, it will NOT represent a total crop analysis!

    2) Multi pass option: A couple buds are provided in order to run them through our testing procedures, this option is better than the single test option, but not the best option we offer as far as total crop / room analysis.

    3) Great average option: This opiton is the best option we offer, and will generate a much more accurate reading for crop analysis, to accomplish this you must bring in a few buds from around your grow area, from top, middle and bottom of your plants as this will be a much better total representation of your crop, "rather than simply opting out for the weak 1 bud option!", and thus will generate a much more accurate reading of THC & CBD from your total grow area. "this option should be your choice for more accurate test results!

    Always keep in mind that:  In cannabis chemical non-homogeneity occurs

    • Between strains and within strains
    • Between crops of the same strains
    • Between individual plants of the same crop
    • Between the flowers from the same plant
    • Even within the divided materials of individual flowers

Sample of test result shown here while using the GREAT AVERAGE option
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