Portable N-Butane for the BHO Market "butane hash oil", now in stock.

Portable Puretane "N-Butane" for the Medical BHO Market

N-Butane for BHO

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Puretane n-butane

Portable N-Butane "Ultra purified" :

When it come to BHO "Butane hash oil", many experts will agree that laboratory grade n-butane is simply the cleanest, and most effective solvent for the extracting of concentrates from canna- bis. In the past, this product has only been available in to select companies via bulk cylinders from specialty compressed gas suppliers or in portable cans if you were to purchase from overseas. But now there’s a new American-made n-butane that is designed specifically for the needs of BHO makers, and the one at the top of the list is Puretane.

The producers of puretane utilize a process called fractional distillation, Fractional Distillation is simply a process process that uses heat to separate chemical compounds and filter out impurities. The end product is 99.9998% Pure, containing only one ten- thousandth of a percent of sulfur -- which they consider medical grade (as evidenced by the green cross on the can).

Note: If you are going to be using butane to process your BHO, look no further, if you value your health and or are processing to medicate please do your homework on other similar "but not as clean" products you are currently using and compare them with puretane. Simply the best.

Your choices of purchase, Per Can, Per Box "12 bottles"


Puretane BHO

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