MMAD Hydroponics takes your privacy very seriously


Privacy Policy

MMAD HYDROPONICS is dedicated to keeping both ourselves and all of our customer as safe and secure as possible. We have a closed lip policy and we take your privacy very seriously. Your business stays your business, PERIOD!

We will never under any circumstance sell or give out any of your information, for any reason whatsoever. You can take that to the bank!

The only information needed by anyone working at MMAD Hydroponics is enough information in order to execute a safe and secure payment / business transaction between the customer and a staff member. This could mean simply a store purchase / pickup or adequate information to successfully ship the products or equipment to wherever the customer desires. 

Besides those basics, we have not now or ever will collect or store any personal information, and we especially do not sell or participate in any transaction that moves, transmits verbally, hard copy including emails, phone numbers, or the nature of purchases.  

Any information that is given to an employee employed by MMAD Hydroponics is only available to our owners, and no one else. Currently our site does not offer an online shopping cart therefore at this time our website does NOT use cookies to track of your visit to our website
"From our side of things, nobody will ever know you visited this website"

We run our business the way we would expect to be treated, with respect and courtesy.  We treat our customers as such, with the hope that our good business pays off with trust and repeat business.

If you want to keep up with us and our latest products and or services, either keep checking in on our website or even better just stop in to our store location. Should there be any huge offerings they will only be posted and updated on-site "store location".

We are dedicated to making shopping with us as stress free and as enjoyable as possible, we are very friendly people so don't hesitate stopping in for a visit, maybe have a coffee so you can enjoy your smart purchase to become self sufficient through our company.

We also would just love to see you stop in just to check us out, have a chat and even compare our pricing with our competitors.

We believe in protecting your privace: Schedule a private shopping experience.


Any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at:

Phone: 902-778-1922