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Mad Hydroponic house & garden suppliesIn store images: We provide a variety and the latest technology in hydroponic supplies and equipment... Check out some of our photos to see a bit of what we have to offer. See Hydroponics equipment that might be to your liking. We offer indoor & outdoor garden supplies located in Concession, Digby Co., Nodsva Scotia Canada.

It is important to note: This is a new store and stocking is still in the process.

If you see something you like feel free to ask us questions that you do not know the answer to, if we can help out it would be great, if we are unable to do so at the moment we will do our best to find the answer you are looking for.

We also have access to a large variety of hydroponics equipment and supplies that we do not stock on the premises, we will give you access to large databases of merchandise that could be delivered within a few days "should we not already stock it in store. We know the hydroponics supplies demand is currently growing, why not let us help you grow you way into the hydroponics world.

Rurally located, we feel that we can offer very competative pricing as we are run on a privately owned property free from the high commercial costs of running a business such as a hydroponics store. We pass on our savings to you.


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store images
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Hydroponics Sunshine #4

Hydroponics Sunshine #4

Hydroponic Nutrients
All in-store prices are TAX INCLUDED

Sample of stocked merchandise:

Note: We cannot list all of our products here, this is just a sample.

HPS lights, Metal halide bulbs, Fluorescent Lighting, Ballasts Systems & Components, Timers, Trays, Flood tables, Reservoirs, Irrigation & Growing Systems, Foliar Sprays, Insecticides & Fungicides, Growing Mediums, Soil Amendments, Pots & Saucers, Pumps, Hoses, Reflective Films, Mylar, Poly, Air Purification, Carbon Filters "big or small" , Inline "Stealth" Fans, Typhoon Fans, wall mounted "Air King" Fans, Blowers, Ducting, Reflectors / Hoods, Rooting Supplies & Propagation, Tools & Accessories, Water Treatments, Nutrients & Measuring Devices, Meters and Atmospheric Controllers including Timers and Panels, plus much more....

Please note: Special order listings "in the event that we do not stock" are usually just a couple days away.