Electronic oil / wax vaporizers, #1 choice for medical marijuana users, use indoor & outdoor.

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Hash Oil Wax Vaporizers

MMAD Hydroponics is now Stocking Portable Hash Oil / Wax vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers:

Unlike other e-cigarette kits the hash oil / wax vaporizers are designed for Medical Hash oil and concentrates.
This means a battery with enough power to vaporize rather than combust/burn.

Vaporizing allows you to medicate anywhere while still being discreet. Unlike smoke, vapor has no odor and no harmful side affects to your health.

This vaporizer kit includes everything you need to get started

1 Portable Vaporizer
1 Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
1 220v Wall charger
2- 510 thread Wax Cartridges
1 Globe with Mouthpiece
1 Glass Container for Wax

Your choice of Colour: Chrome / Gold / Gun Metal


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